Trashing Inc.

Here's an article I've just read ...

This article is about the old known technic of "trashing" to get crucial informations about companies, or about their users, or network, or security... Anything you can think of that could be found in your trash.
This technic has often proven to be efficient in the years of 90, used widely by malicious hackers to get user names and passwords from companies.
Well I was smiling seeing this article, because I am still naïve enough to think almost all companies actually *are* recycling their trash in secure ways.
I might change my mind ;-)


1. Le dimanche 4 mars 2007, 20:54 par Bruno Kerouanton

I guess nearly no companies really think about their trashes and information theft. Only the biggest ones or the most sensitives than have already been involved in a major information loss do destroy efficiently their papers.... And it may still be the case for decades :(