Did you see my profile ? A comment ...

There has recently been a huge amount of "friendly networking systems" as I call them ...
You all know about them, when you get mails from old-forgotten friends who found traces of you on the net, and are inviting you to join www.ohmygodhowdidwelivewithoutkeepingtouchforsuchalongtime.com or such...
Either you refuse the invitation, smiling nastily as you immediately forget about this old guy you were hating in your student years, or you are a good pal and accepting the invitation, you connect yourself to the site and start filling personnal infos about you.

Now how much of your private life do you want to share with perfect unknown people on Internet ? Most of these networking sites are showing your profile, including the picture of your face, your current job, your interests, your friends, and whatever you can think of, completely freely.
And most can be accessed with Google searches...
Most adult people are taking care and complaining about the "MySpace" kiddies community. Most parents are asking their kids not to say too much about themselves on Internet, and not to reveal all their lives there. To give such lesson to a kid is great, but what should we think about those parents when they are filling all forms they find and give such a lot fo details about themselves on a networking site ?

Now the danger is there.I can pretend to be an old friend of yours. I can do it easily just by reading your details, seeing your picture, and having good social engineering skills.

Now if you're a nice woman, I could get a date with you, you would probably accept an invitation "to remember good old past"...
If you're a person I have reasons to dislike or hate, I could make you fall into any kind of traps.
Now if you're a person not interested at all in computer security, I could probably make you click anywhere, or lead you to any malicious site, maybe already knowing what anti-virus/firewall you run at home...See what I mean ?

Danger is everywhere... You just have to be aware of it.

And here is an article from Symantec about facebooks that you could also read ;-)


1. Le lundi 16 avril 2007, 17:08 par Bruno Kerouanton

I don't feel the same as you. Being watched, filed and followed all the time by corporations is not very pleasant, but it is a fact and is quite unavoidable nowadays. As an example, most of us have got our own websites or blogs on which we don't use a nickname. Most people use Google and Gmail carelessely, not being aware of the huge personal data collection that is now occuring there. Some car insurers in UK have appealing offers : by the means of geolocation (they give you a GPS/GSM device that you put in your car and records ever single move) you can have up to 80% discount rates... and it works, people are subscribing and feeling happy.

My opinion is that the "information war" against major corporations is now lost. Just see the great movie "The Corporation" could chill you up... quite pessimistic indeed.

2. Le mardi 11 mars 2008, 10:22 par mr-bark

je suis serieuszment etonnee par le peu de comentaires laisses a ton billet ;)