Hail to King Jose ! :-)

Well, I'm the kind of dude to admire a lot of people ... People like Gordon Matthew Sumner, Mark Knopfler, Anathema, Matthieu Chedid, and so many others...

But not only am I an admirer of many musicians, I also have a fetish for Amiga demo coders like Dan (hi mate), Azathoth, Celebrandil, Mr Gurk, Promax, Slayer, Blacky (plop), Revolution (hi), Tec, Metallion, Chaos, Mahoney & Kaktus, Unknown, and also for PC demo coders like Ryg, Chaos (again), Keops (plop), Navis, BoyC ...
Not to mention my kink for good Amiga and PC musicians like Frederic Motte (hi), Clawz, Audiomonster, Heatbeat, XTD, Monty (hi old mate), Romeo Knight, and so many others...

Now concerning IT security, I also feel some big respect for some people, like Jose Nazario, when I read his excellent paper about Reverse Engineering Malicious Javascript, and when I see everything he does for the IT security community...

And by the way, thanks a lot to Sid for his french report about Cansecwest 2007 ...


1. Le lundi 21 mai 2007, 21:59 par Bruno Kerouanton

A lot of people I don't even know... shame on me :) But I have my own fans on the ST and C64 scene : Joshen Hippel (Mad Max), Rob Hubbard, and so on... !

2. Le mercredi 23 mai 2007, 13:37 par Cédric Pernet

Sans oublier David Whittaker et Ben Daglish ;-)

3. Le mercredi 23 mai 2007, 13:48 par Bruno Kerouanton

"and so on...", c'est bien ce que je disais ;)

4. Le mercredi 23 mai 2007, 13:49 par Bruno Kerouanton

bizarre bizarre, je n'ai pas eu à répondre au captcha antispam ci dessous pour que mon commentaire apparaîsse... Aurais-tu mal configuré tes plugins ?

5. Le jeudi 24 mai 2007, 13:47 par Cédric Pernet

Un empy field me retourne:

Erreurs :
résultat du captcha incorrect

tout va bien à priori...