Friendship rulz

After all these years of fighting and helping to fight cybercrime, I'm quite used to any kind of cybercrime. I've seen a lot of evil actions, but one that always gets me angry is when innocent people are involved. Such an act has been done these days. One of the biggest demoscene website, Nectarine, has been hacked. It could have been hacked by a white hat (although I'm still not okay with this), or by someone at least not willing to destroy any data. It has not been the case.

All data on Nectarine have gone. Database. PHP code. Music. Everything. The hacker left nothing but a huge anger and pain for all people like me (not even talking of the poor administrators). Can you imagine working on a website for more than eight years, collecting computer music, distributing it to a whole big community of sceners, and then *bang* a stupid hacker comes and throw all you've done to /dev/null... ? I guess it would drive anyone totally mad.

Maybe the guy was a newbie, so proud of his ability to exploit a loosy vulnerability, and so stupid that he deleted the whole stuff when trying to delete the log files. Maybe not. We'll probably never know. The pity is the administrator of the website had no backup, which is silly, for sure.

The french administrator, known in the scene under the nickname "Yes", has been requesting financial help on a new website to restore the data. Quite logically, he didn't want to try it himself, conscious that this kind of operation needs strong forensic skills. After a week, the demo scene community had provided him with enough money to have the hard disks sent to a professional company specialized in data recovering.

This shows that some moral values are still present these days in the demoscene. And it definitely reminds me of those good old times, back in 1988-1992, when we were all swapping demodisks by snail mail (=usual mail) with long personnal letters, always mentioning at the end that we were part of a fictious "Friendship rulz" movement. I guess you can say we were already doing a lot of social networking at that time ;-)

If you want to see some great demos on any platform, you can download thousands on pouet. I suggest you to start with some 64k demo like this one. Have phun ;-)