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mardi 8 mars 2022

New RURansom Wiper Targets Russia

Hi all,

I just wrote this quick blog post with my colleague Jaromir.

Support Ukraine !

lundi 17 janvier 2022

Delving Deep: An Analysis of Earth Lusca’s Operations

Hey folks,

We just released this one - Delving Deep: An Analysis of Earth Lusca’s Operations

Summary is here

Full paper is here.

Finally, all IOCs are available here.

I hope you'll enjoy this ride into the TTP of that threat actor !

mercredi 10 novembre 2021

Void Balaur and the Rise of the Cybermercenary Industry

It is rare to be able to track the activities of a real cybermercenary threat actor. But we did ;-)

Ladies and gents, please meet Void Balaur.

Full paper here.

Forbes article here, Le Monde here.

mardi 18 février 2020

Operation DRBControl Uncovering a Cyberespionage Campaign Targeting Gambling Companies in Southeast Asia

Quite proud of this new publication done with several extremely talented colleagues, thanks Daniel, Jaromir, Jamz, and Kenney :-)

Operation DRBControl - Uncovering a Cyberespionage Campaign Targeting Gambling Companies in Southeast Asia

Full paper is here:

Hope you will enjoy, and see you soon for another stunning APT research (yes, already working on another... :p) :-)

vendredi 20 décembre 2019

MISC 107 -


Cela faisait longtemps que je n'avais pas contribué à MISC, non pas par manque de temps ou de motivation mais tout simplement par manque de sujet intéressant. Il devient difficile pour moi de trouver des sujets qui n'ont pas déjà été exposés dans MISC, et je dois bien avouer que je ne prends pas forcément le temps non plus de me creuser le caillou pour trouver des sujets.

Celui-ci est plutôt lié à mon actualité professionnelle, puisque depuis de nombreux mois je vois de plus en plus de malwares (notamment en APT) utilisant des plateformes légitimes pour gérer leurs communications.

Je vous invite donc à lire mon nouvel article dans MISC 107 sur ce sujet.

Et bonnes fêtes de fin d'année ! :-)

misc-107.jpg, déc. 2019

jeudi 12 décembre 2019

Drilling Deep: A Look at Cyberattacks on the Oil and Gas Industry

Hi all,

I am very proud to provide you with a new paper I wrote in collaboration with my colleague Feike Hacquebord, entitled "Drilling Deep: A Look at Cyberattacks on the Oil and Gas Industry".

Full paper is here.

I hope you will enjoy it ! :-)

jeudi 14 novembre 2019

More than a Dozen Obfuscated APT33 Botnets Used for Extreme Narrow Targeting

Hello there,

I had the pleasure to work with Feike and Kenney on this blog post which reveals an interesting (hopefully) part of APT33's infrastructure.

Hope you'll like it !

mardi 10 septembre 2019

Interview dans Libération - RETADUP


J'ai récemment été interviewé par Libération à propos de RETADUP.

Le buzz du moment sur Retadup m'a laissé un peu aigri, parce que de nombreux articles écrits par des journalistes non méticuleux indiquent que c'est la société Avast qui a découvert Retadup en Mars 2019, alors que j'ai bloggé en compagnie de mes collègues sur le sujet à plusieurs reprises en 2017:

Ceci n'enlève rien bien sûr à l'excellent travail fourni par le C3N de la Gendarmerie Nationale, et la société Avast. Bravo à eux ! :-)

mardi 16 juillet 2019

The SLUB guys are back !

The SLUB guys are back !

We detected them from another watering hole, and they updated their malware. More about it here.

As a reminder, we first published about them here

jeudi 13 juin 2019

Advanced Targeted Attack Tools Found Being Used to Distribute Cryptocurrency Miners

Hey there :-)

I just contributed to a new blog post about some cybercriminals using advanced tools to spread a cryptocurrency miner.

The full blog post is here.

Cheers !

jeudi 7 mars 2019

New SLUB Backdoor Uses GitHub, Communicates via Slack

So here is a new blog post. It was a great collaborative work with several of my highly skilled colleagues :-)

It is all about a new malware we discovered recently, used in an APT, and sitting on an interesting watering hole.

lundi 11 décembre 2017

Untangling the Patchwork Cyberespionage Group

Hi guys,

We released a new technical paper about a known APT threat actor named "Patchwork".

The blog entry is here, while the full paper is there.

Cheers ! :-)

jeudi 21 septembre 2017

New RETADUP Variants Hit South America, Turn To Cryptocurrency Mining

Hi all,

I have written this blog post in collab with my good friends Kenney and Lenart... ;-)

Available HERE.

jeudi 20 juillet 2017

Android Backdoor GhostCtrl can Silently Record Your Audio, Video, and More

Some days ago we published this blog post. It seems that some cybercriminals are heavily using it at the moment to spy audio conversations. I guess it's pretty interesting.

mercredi 22 mars 2017

Winnti Abuses GitHub for C&C Communications

Hi folks,

I've published a new blog post today on Trend Micro's blog. This is once again about some APT campaign, this time showing some of the new modus operandi from a threat actor named Winnti.

It is available here.

lundi 5 septembre 2016

MISC 87 - Business E-Mail Compromise

Hello à tous/toutes,

Je vous avais promis un article MISC qui pour une fois ne parlerait pas d' APT, c'est chose faite dans MISC 87.


Vous y trouverez un article que j'ai écrit sur le phénomène du "Business e-mail compromise". J'espère qu'il vous plaira ! :-)

Je suis un peu sec pour de nouveaux sujets MISC en ce moment, si vous avez des idées n'hésitez pas à me solliciter ! ;-)

jeudi 17 septembre 2015

Operation Iron Tiger

I have published a new report about an APT threat actor known as "Emissary Panda" which originates from China. The blog entry is here, while the full paper is here. There is also an appendix here.

This research paper involved a lot of work with my great colleagues from CSS/Trend Micro. It was a great pleasure to write it :-)

I hope you will enjoy this long (more than 50 pages) paper ! :-)

mardi 1 septembre 2015

New Rocket Kitten research paper

Following my first research paper about the Rocket Kitten APT threat actor, I have released another one, this time as a collaboration work with one researcher from ClearSky.

The blog post is here: Rocket Kitten Spies Target Iranian Lecturer and InfoSec Researchers in New Modus

The full paper is here: The Spy Kittens Are Back : Rocket Kitten 2

mardi 31 mars 2015

Fake Judicial Spam Leads to Backdoor with Fake Certificate Authority

Here is the link to a new blog post I wrote with friends Kenney Lu and Dark Luo from Trend Micro.

It has several interesting aspects, in my mind:

  • The fact that there is an ongoing campaign against french people, using french material, which is rare enough to be worth mentioning;
  • The fact that there is a kit used to drop different payloads: Gootkit, CryptoWall, some banking trojan...;
  • The fact that it uses an innovating method to infect the victims computers.

Hope you will enjoy the read ! :-)

mercredi 18 mars 2015

Operation Woolen GoldFish

Hi all,

Here is my first research paper done for my new employer, Trend Micro.

I hope you'll enjoy it ! :-)

The blog summary I wrote about the paper is here, while the complete paper can be found here.

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