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dimanche 20 mai 2007

Zunker, MeSpam, and Bretzels

Again, Symantec has released some interesting screenshots and article about Zunker, and its association with Mespam.

I won't add any comments, the article that you can find HERE is very well written.

dimanche 13 mai 2007

LdPinch and its parser, Zunker bot administration

Here is a post from F-Secure about a new LdPinch variant ...

It is very interesting, because it also shows us something we're usually not seeing : the GUI used by the fraudster, called Pinch Parser PRO. You can see it here

It definitely looks very professional ...

Panda Software also brings us some nice screenshots of frontends, showing us how a big botnet can be administrated here

The whole Panda article is here.